We are delighted you can find our bison meat products at these locations throughout the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

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We believe in building strong business relationships and partnerships that allow us to grow and thrive together.

The following businesses have been instrumental in the growth of our farm and we are thrilled to share their information with you. For quick reference, the businesses below are sorted alphabetically.



Holstein Dairy Farm

548 Westmeath Rd, RR#1

Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W2


Bardee Farms is a holstein dairy farm located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, within the Whitewater Region. On quiet nights, we can hear their cows in the distance. It is a lovely little farm that seems quiet and calm on the outside. However, a dairy farm is far from quiet or calm. Their dairy cows have a strict routine that they must follow for proper milk production. Dairy farmers are truly a breed of their own. They never take a day off or take a vacation. These farmers get it done!

They started renting one of our fields in the spring of 2017 and continue to rent that field to this day. They help us with our field management by growing their rotational crops, which in turn, maintains the essential nutrients in our soil. We are thrilled they are using our field while we work on improvements around the farm. Someday we will be ready to use this field again. Until then, we are happy knowing Bardee Farms is taking good care of it for us.



Bison Farm

86454 Airport Rd

Earlton, ON, P0J 1E0


Bison du Nord is a family owned and operated bison farm located in the Timiskaming District of Northeastern Ontario. They were established in 1972 with the idea and a dream of bringing bison to rugged Ontario farmlands. They now have a strong and healthy herd of 300+ bison. This is a true testament to their sustainable farm practices and the respect they have for these magnificent beasts.

We obtained our starter bison herd from Bison du Nord on November 30, 2019. Bison du Nord has been our mentors, teaching us everything we need to know about bison. Our herd is young and still growing. At the peak of the pandemic, we decided to expand our partnership with Bison du Nord to provide our local communities with certified 100% grass-fed bison meat products.

Bison du Nord is proudly Animal Welfare Approved and Certified 100% Grassfed by A Greener World (AGW). Bison du Nord is a true leader amongst bison farms in the Canadian bison industry. We wouldn't be where we are today without them!


Burnt Bridge no background


Specialty Meat Shop

20 Wolfe Ave

Petawawa, ON, K8H 2S5


Burnt Bridge Quality Meats is a small, local specialty meat store. They strive to provide many different local, sustainably grown meats, eggs, and ready to eat meat products. They also carry locally sourced honey, maple syrup, mustards, and so much more.

The owner contacted us in the spring of 2020 once he found out 100% grass-fed bison meat was available in the Ottawa Valley. Being a beef farmer, he wanted to ensure the cuts were decent. So, we met with him and brought a selection of our bison meat cuts. They started selling our bison meat cuts immediately and it was a hit! The owners of Reiche Meat Products took over the business in the summer of 2020 and the rest is history. Stop in and check them out for yourself!

hugli's bluebery farm


Blueberry Ranch & Country Gift Store

2139 Greenwood Rd

Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W2


Open seasonally from May to December

Hugli's Blueberry Ranch grows high-bush blueberries, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. They are open seasonally from May to December. Bring your family and friends to their ranch for a unique country experience. Activities and hours of operation change with the seasons, so please visit their website for updated information. They offer pre-picked or pick your own blueberries from mid-July to September. They have friendly animals to visit, a pumpkin patch, wagon rides, and fantastic fall family activities. They also offer cut-your-own Christmas trees during the holiday season.

We have visited Hugli's Blueberry Ranch quite often over the years. We have found so many amazing products in their country gift store and we wanted to be part of it. Knowing very little about bison, the owners of Hugli's Blueberry Ranch took a chance on us and our product. They started carrying our bison protein sticks during the summer of 2020. We were thrilled to find out their customers loved our product and wanted more. They continued to carry our bison protein sticks until we sold out. Spring can't come soon enough. We can't wait to welcome them back for the 2021 season!

J & E'S official Logo


Takeaway & Catering

13-3025 Petawawa Blvd

Petawawa, ON, K8H 1X9



185 Pembroke St E

Pembroke, ON, K8A 3J6


J&E's Bored N' Saucy is a veteran-owned takeaway and catering business located in the Ottawa Valley. They started making sauces in the summer of 2017 to satisfy their unique flavor cravings. What started as a hobby soon became an idea to brand their sauces and start a business. They opened their thriving takeaway and catering business on April 13, 2019 with their own unique line of sauces. We went to their grand opening and became customers for life. Their food was (and still is!) absolutely amazing and we couldn't get enough! They boast their scratch kitchen with fresh baked goods, pub-style takeout, freezer meals, and house-made sauces and dry rubs.

We approached J&E's Bored N' Saucy in May of 2020, only days after receiving our very first set of meat cuts from our butcher. At that point, we were right in the middle of the pandemic. The only restaurants operating were accommodating take-out. We are thrilled they took a chance on us and our all-natural 100% grass-fed bison meat. They carry our Bison Protein Sticks and they have been offering a bison burger on their regular menu since the summer of 2020. They also offer a delicious bison tourtiere and another amazing bison meat pie called Two Hawks and a Bison. Two Hawks and a Bison combines the best of three local veteran-owned businesses. It includes our certified 100% grass-fed bison meat, the porter of Two Hawks Brewing Company, and the culinary skills of J&E's Bored N' Saucy. They started carrying a selection of our bison meat products in their freezers in April of 2021. You won't regret trying their delicious meals! Don't take our word for it, visit them and let your tastebuds decide!

J&E's had such success with their business in Petawawa that they have expanded to a full sit-down restaurant in Pembroke. Please see above for their new location.

J-Dogs official logo without background


Seasonal Food Truck

Located at Home Hardware

Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0

Open seasonally from May until the snow flies!

J-Dogs was established in 2015 as a little hotdog cart within the Ottawa Valley. The pandemic brought along one major challenge for them in the spring of 2020. They were now unable to use their hotdog cart. But that didn't stop them. They rebranded their business and spent every free moment updating and renovating a camper into a food truck. They were determined to feed their community during the pandemic. Although 2020 didn't go as expected, it allowed J-Dogs to blossom from a hotdog cart to a food truck, now called J-Dogs Smokin' Grill. Every summer, they are dedicated to bringing fresh, great-tasting barbecue for everyone to sit back, get messy, and enjoy! Their menu includes a great variety of items that pleases everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians. They even have halal options! They thrive on giving back to their community, which is apparent from their motto, "We would rather make a million smiles than a million dollars". Every year, they look for new ways to include and help other locals and businesses with a strong sense of community.

J-Dogs Smokin' Grill started following us on social media in the spring of 2020. They contacted us once they saw how much we love supporting our community. Luckily, they were able to open for a weekend at the end of the summer. We were very excited to be part of it! They offered a bison cheesesteak sandwich that sold out, while their most popular pulled pork sandwich did not. They were hooked! They are now creating fun and new bison recipes for their customers to enjoy!



Freezer Meals & Takeout

100 Pembroke St W

Pembroke, ON, K8H 5M6


Little Things Canning Co. is a small takeout restaurant, woman-owned and operated, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. What started as an attempt to bring back her grandmother's pickled recipes, has turned into a passion for pickling and feeding others. She started out by selling on Facebook buy and sell groups when her family encouraged her. In 2016, Little Things Canning Co. came to life when she decided to brand her products. In the spring of 2017, she entered a Win this Space contest in downtown Pembroke. She presented her idea 'Dragon Den style' and won! She opened her space soon after in downtown Pembroke. She offers many amazing pickled products, delicious freezer meals, and a daily takeout menu.
We were delighted when she contacted us in the spring of 2021. She wanted to bring a unique product to her place that can't be found everywhere. We immediately hit it off. We were thrilled when she took a chance on our products in her store. Our products were a huge success in her location! She now regularly carries our bison protein sticks, bison jerky, and a selection of our bison meat cuts. We love her products and her space! You won't regret stopping by to check it out!




123 John St N

Arnprior, ON, K7S 2N5


Located in the heart of downtown Arnprior, Lumbertown Ale House is the only gastropub in the area. By featuring Ontario craft beer and wines on-tap, they work to maintain a local focus and offer what their customers have come to expect; freshness and quality in an upscale cozy environment.

The owner of Lumbertown Ale House sent us a message once she found us on social media. We met with her and the Chef at their restaurant to discuss their options. They had a great vision and we could see our bison meats in their restaurant. It was a great fit! They now carry a bison burger on their regular menu. Other bison offerings will be available as they experiment with our bison meat products and find that perfect fit and taste to match their vision. We can't wait to taste all the delicious bison meals they will offer!



Bakery & Cafe

79 Madawaska St

Arnprior, ON, K7S 1S1


Graham's passion for creating comfort foods using classic techniques to bring out big flavour began at a young age. Megan attended Le Cordon Bleu in 2010 and discovered her love of baking bread while living in England. Both of them have an abundance of experience in the food industry. Their deep roots in the food industry, combined with their individual talents, were the perfect mix! They decided to open Mighty Fine Bakehouse in 2019 within the Ottawa Valley. During the pandemic in the spring of 2020, they adapted their bakery and cafe to offer take-out meals and baked goods through a take-out window. They are well-known for sourcing locally produced ingredients.

Mighty Fine Bakehouse was excited to find us on social media after they learned we carried 100% grass-fed bison meat. They tried a bison ragout on their dinner menu over a weekend in the summer of 2020. Their bison ragout was a hit! They will now offer bison meals on their menu from time to time. We are excited to taste everything they create! Their food is absolutely delicious!



Butchery and Bakery

4 Elgin St

Arnprior, ON, K7S 1N3


MJ Butcher Co. is a female owned and operated butchery and bakery in the Ottawa Valley. They opened their doors at the end of January 2020, just before the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But, that didn't stop them! They have been well received from their community and for good reason. They have an in-house baker, butcher, and a friendly team to greet you as soon as you walk in their door. They offer fresh cuts of meats and other products from locals around the Ottawa Valley.

Another business mentioned MJ Butcher Co. to us and we had to meet them. The owner is lovely, warm, and kind. Her team is always pleasant and welcoming. It truly is a wonderful experience walking through their doors. Once we met her, we had to try to get our 100% grass-fed bison meat products in her shop. Like many others, she took a chance on us and our products. She started carrying our bison jerky, protein sticks, and a selection of our frozen meat cuts at the end of January 2021. Stop in to see the great selection of local products and meats they have to offer!

Mrs Grocery logo


Specialty Online Marketplace

Pembroke, ON


Mrs. Grocery Ottawa Valley is a specialty local online market. By increasing the collaboration between local small businesses and local farmers, their focus is on quality-driven food and product supply that makes shopping local as convenient as possible. They offer delivery for only $10 per order, even if your order contains items from many different local farmers or stores. It's such a great way to promote and support our local producers!

Mrs. Grocery was new to our area when we started selling bison meats. Once we hit the social media scene with our all-natural meat products, they reached out to include us in their local mission. We had no experience with our own online store or website so we were understandably hesitant. But we got over our fears and went for it. We added a few bison meat cuts to their online store to see how it would sell in the summer of 2020. Their delivery service has been a great way for us to offer delivery to our customers. We decided to expand our product selection on their website just after Christmas of 2020. We are thrilled to have partnered with Mrs. Grocery and we can't wait to see what the future holds!


Please visit Mrs. Grocery's website to place your order for delivery.

Mrs. Grocery Ottawa Valley has expanded their operation in 2022. Our bison meat products are now available in the following locations (including cottages and camping locations):

  • Ottawa Valley
  • Centre Wellington
  • Cornwall
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • North Bay
  • and surrounding areas (see below)

Centre Wellington surrounding areas include:

  • Arthur
  • Elmira
  • Elora
  • Fergus
  • Guelph
  • Mount Forest
  • Owen Sound
  • St. Jacobs

Cornwall surrounding areas include:

  • Brockville

Kitchener-Waterloo surrounding areas include:

  • Cambridge

Ottawa Valley surrounding areas include:

  • Arnprior
  • Calabogie
  • Carleton Place
  • Chalk River
  • Deep River
  • Eganville
  • Killaloe
  • Ottawa
  • Pembroke
  • Perth
  • Petawawa
  • Renfrew
  • Smith Falls



Craft Spirits

2 International Dr

Pembroke, ON, K8A 6W5


O'Kenny Craft Spirits is located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. They are dedicated to producing spirits that taste fantastic and keeps the money you spend in your community. They admire the spirit of fellow small business, but none more than the grass roots producers like farmers and ranchers. When travelling the Trans Canada Highway near Pembroke, Ontario, stop in to O'Kenny's Craft Spirits to find over 280 quality local products, including their craft spirits and our Bison Protein Sticks. They do spirit tastings every day! And, there is a hotel conveniently located on either side of their distillery.

O'Kenny Craft Spirits is known for carrying amazing local products and collaborating with other local small businesses around the Ottawa Valley. We were pleased when they started carrying our product. We look forward to future collaborations with them!

main ottawa logo white map


Specialty Coffee Shop

239 Raglan St S

Renfrew, ON, K7V 1R3


We met the owners of Ottawa Valley Coffee when they were just in the planning phase of their new coffee adventure. They reached out to us in the spring of 2020 for some of our old tin from a barn that was falling down. Their dream was to open a specialty coffee shop, within the Ottawa Valley, using reclaimed pieces of the Ottawa Valley. They were such a lovely couple that we couldn't help but donate to their dream. They worked away all afternoon untangling the pieces to get the pieces they desired. They managed to install their custom tin ceiling from our barn themselves. We even helped with the last piece! Their shop is full of reclaimed pieces of the Ottawa Valley that they mostly installed themselves, which was exactly what they had dreamed. They are such hard workers and they work well as a team. It's no wonder their dream coffee shop is now a reality. We are honored to be part of their journey!

Ottawa Valley Coffee created a buzz around Renfrew with their unique window display and their iconic pig. Before they were ready to open, they allowed local crafters and makers to sell their products in their location before Christmas of 2020. New restrictions brought on by another pandemic lockdown delayed their original opening date. They finally opened their doors to the public on March 15, 2021. They offer their own unique brand of coffee, craft beer from 23 local breweries, and other amazing local products. They have been experimenting with different bison dishes, using our all-natural bison meat, to someday include in their specialty coffee shop. We are very excited to find out what they are creating! In the meantime, they are carrying our bison protein sticks and jerky. Their fantastic selection of local products will have you going back for more!

Logo rusty lantern


Specialty Boutique

111 Bonnechere St W

Eganville, ON, K0J 1T0


The Rusty Lantern Barn Boutique was established in 2018 within the Ottawa Valley. They have a strong passion for everything handmade and thrive on supporting local community vendors. Their objective was to house all local handmade goods, hand-crafted furniture, and exquisite art by local artists. Over 75 artisans currently fill the boutique and they are growing on a daily basis!

We were thrilled when The Rusty Lantern Barn Boutique contacted us to carry our all-natural, 100% grass-fed bison meat cuts. They carried our bison farmer's sausage for the summer and fall of 2020. They carry our Bison Protein Sticks all year and our bison meat cuts during the summer months.

valley roots facebook


Butcher Shop

100 Madawaska Blvd

Arnprior, ON, K7S 1S7


Valley Roots is a butcher shop that has been located within the Ottawa Valley for many many years. They offer fresh steaks, lean ground beef, a variety of pork and chicken, salads and wraps at lunchtime, and catering services. They also offer a selection of local products from around the Ottawa Valley.

Many of our customers recommended trying to get our products into Valley Roots. While on a delivery to other retail partners in the area, we stopped in to check out their store. Their staff were friendly and personable. We met the owner and he was interested in our bison protein sticks, jerky, and fresh primal cuts. They took a chance on us and started carrying our bison protein sticks and jerky. After much research, we discovered it wasn't feasible for us to offer fresh bison meats at this point. However, we are working on offering fresh bison to butchers around the Ottawa Valley to expand our business. Once we are ready, we're hoping Valley Roots will be the first to try it out!



Farm Shop

44 Alva Dr

Cobden, ON, K0J 1J0

Whitewater Ranch and Farm Shop, formerly known as Pickling Dixie Ltd., is a female owned and operated farm shop in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. From the seed, to their pasture, to the foods they produce, they never use pesticides, sprays, or chemicals in any stage of growing or production. They take pride in offering all-natural products to our local communities. They are well-known for their pickled items, fresh jams, and the pasture-raised meats, all of which they produce themselves. Their jams and pickled items can be found in retail locations around the Ottawa Valley. They have recently expanded their business by building a farm shop directly at their farm. Their cute little farm shop officially opened in June 2021.

We met the owner when we launched our all-natural bison meats over the May long weekend in 2020. She was our very first customer, buying all the brisket for Huckabone's Equipment in Cobden. We were thrilled when she contacted us to start carrying our bison meat products on her farm in mid-March 2021. We look forward to what the future may hold for this collaboration.