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bison meat collage

Nutrition & Cooking Tips

White Pine Bison is the perfect source of premium, nutrient-dense, lean, and nutritious bison meat that is delicious and healthy. We offer the highest-quality bison for superior taste and nutrition. Learn more about the amazing benefits of bison and gain cooking tips to make the most of its deliciousness.

Our customers asked and we listened! Below you will find the nutrient composition of bison compared to our customer's favorite meats.

Nutrient compostion of bison compared to other meats
grass at sunrise with dew


Premium Quality

very lean

same texture as beef

sweeter tasting than beef

no gamey or aftertaste

doesn't shrink when cooked

low in fat

high in protein, selenium, zinc, vitamins B6 & B12, and essential fatty acids

healthier red meat option


We take pride in our commitment to raising the highest quality grass-fed bison. Our bison are raised in a natural, humane, and sustainable environment with plenty of room to roam and graze. We are passionate about giving our bison the utmost care and attention to provide a flavorful and healthy product for everyone to enjoy.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

We believe that the food we eat should be natural and delicious. Our bison are treated with respect and allowed to grow at their own pace, without the need for antibiotics or hormones. This means that our bison are leaner and sweeter than beef. We use the native foliage to provide a natural dewormer. We never finish our bison so you can enjoy the full flavor of nature.


Bison meat is lower in fat and higher in moisture than beef. This means bison will cook more quickly than beef.


Since bison has very little or no marbling, it is recommended not to cook steaks past medium.

There are bison cuts that can be cooked through, however, such as ground, stew, roasts, sausages, burger patties, etc.

Always remember:

  • use low cooking temperatures

  • cook slowly

  • cook less tender cuts until your fork goes in easily

  • do not cook steaks past medium (at the very most)

Follow our tips below for the best results.

Bison Cut Chart
Most Tender Cuts

Prime Rib






Top Sirloin Butt

Medium Tender Cuts

Inside Round

Eye of Round



Outside Round

Sirloin Tip

Top Sirloin Cap

Less Tender Cuts



Cross Rib

Ox Tail


Short Ribs

Stew Cubes


Most Tender Cuts

A dry heat is best

  • broil

  • grill

  • oven roast

  • pan fry

  • smoke

Medium Tender Cuts

A combination of dry and moist heat

  • sear and braise

  • sear and slow cooker

  • marinade and broil

  • marinade and grill

  • marinade and pan fry

  • marinade and oven roast

  • marinade and smoke

Less Tender Cuts

A moist heat is best

  • braise

  • pot roast

  • slow cook

  • smoker for brisket & flank

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